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Oh, To Be Enrolled at Camp Bouncers… What a Wonderful Thought!

“O2B a kid again!” How many times have you heard this phrase or something of the sort explained. Childhood is a very special time. For many people the experience is often described as fleeting. Fondness for younger days is quite normal when you consider that it is in our childhood where we have so many novice experiences presented to us regularly. As a child you were naturally more carefree, and are remembering events through a scope of nostalgia. O2B young again; childhood equates to exploration, fascination, fun, learning, and energy!

The school year has officially ended and the kids are out for the Summer you’ve probably already given some thought to placing your child in a Summer camp program or may have already enrolled them in one. Parents have the difficult decision placed in front of the each year to send their children to a Summer program or look for another way to occupy the child’s time off in a healthy way. A Child’s Academy is Gainesville Florida Preschool that has been offering professional preschool, after school, VPK, and, childcare services. Quality Summer camps expose children to group activities, new skills, nature, good amounts of exercise, and diverse games/activities, but some parents still struggle with the idea of placing their child in the care of a stranger. We wholeheartedly understand the reasoning behind this worry, and make steadfast efforts in helping minimize any trepidation you may be feeling as a parent enrolling your child in one of our Summer Camp programs.

Camp Bouncers | O2B young and enrolled in Summer camp | There are so many wonderful developmental benefits that come with exposing children to a quality Summer camp environment. Today’s global community needs future generations to be more understanding and accepting of one another’s beliefs, ideologies, and standpoints. Summer camp give children a chance to engage with peers in safe and supervised environment and be exposed to positive character values. Summer camp counselors  help direct children on how to learn from other, make friends and have positive social interactions with peers, all while participating in fun activities.Summer Camp allows kids to meet children from different cultures, races, and backgrounds. This kind of exposure to different peers greatly helps advance children’s’ social development and instills empathy. A Summer camp counselor can be a positive role model in your child’s life leading them toward learning and the discovery of new interests. I still remember an Einstein quote that a Summer camp counselor once offered me as a child:

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”

This memory really stuck with me and the quote is one of my favorites to this day. Every camp will have its unique way of managing their program and organizing the activities that they present to children.

Camp Bouncers | O2B Enrolled at ACA’s Gainesville Summer Camp… What a Wonderful Thought!

While a Child’s Academy is dedicated learning center for children our Summer camp program steers the focus primarily toward having fun, building friendships, and demonstrating teamwork. Children are exposed to a vast amount of educational material within the camp’s activities which allows them to learn while having fun. ACA’s 218 Gainesville Summer camp program offers five fun themes this year; they include:

If you have any questions regarding our Gainesville Summer camp or any other of our preschool/child care services don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification. Make sure to check out our blog for child care tips and news regarding our facilities including local events.

O2B Enrolled at Camp Bouncers

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