Gainesville Preschool Enrichment
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Gainesville Preschool Enrichment

A Child’s Academy offers our children and families a medley of enrichment programs to select from. Enrichment programs are designed to make subjects more meaningful. They give participants a look inside the history and proper technique behind many skill-sets, topics, and cultural activities. Our staff at a Child’s Academy strives to introduce concepts from around the the world to our children in order to facilitate growth and emotional development. The enrichment programs offered by ACA serve the purpose of improving education within our preschool. If you are looking the best Gainesville preschool enrichment programs you’ve come to the right place.

While the basis of our educational program can be summarized as AARMS (Arithmetic, Arts, Reading, Music, and Science). The acronym alone doesn’t make up the totality of our enrichment programs. AARMS symbolizes the connection that is made as our loving, experienced staff reaches out to students during this essential period in their learning development to pass along highly valuable skills.

Our team at ACA offers the children we care for the necessary subject matter as well as topics in the form of Gainesville preschool enrichment programs that help refine kids’ minds for art appreciation, multilingual communication, physical activity (sports), ASL, and so much more.

Gainesville Preschool Enrichment Benefits

Understanding that a well-rounded child becomes a flourishing, ambitious student, A Child’s Academy has incorporated three enhancement courses for many of the children enrolled in our Gainesville Preschool. These enrichment programs broaden your child’s education and our core education program. They include:

  1. Computers. We maintain a complete computer lab to introduce preschoolers to technology. As our society becomes increasingly reliant on technology, we recognize the importance of integrating this component into the classroom at an early age.
  2. Spanish. Comprehension of Spanish creates an awareness of social diversity while promoting the development of communication skills. We offer Spanish classes to provide a basic understanding of this useful language to our young learners.
  3. Gymnastics. A strong mind should be paired with a strong body. A “Fun & Fit” bus comes to A Child’s Academy to teach gymnastics and tumbling skills to our preschoolers. This activity builds strength, coordination, and readiness for more complex motor skills.

Kids reap tremendous benefits from learning about and participating in enrichment programs. These programs help children broaden their horizons and expand upon the topics that already interest them. Regularly introducing a child to new concepts sparks curiosity and accustoms that child to seek for more knowledge.

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our Gainesville preschool enrichment programs or any of the other child care services that we offer.

Best Gainesville Preschool Enrichment Programs

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