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    A Child's Academy

    Gainesville FL Preschool & Child Care Services

    A Child's Academy is Gainesville Florida's premier provider of caring, professional preschool, child care and daycare services. ACA offers extensive preschool programs to select from in order to ensure that we can adeptly fill our parents' needs no matter what they may be.
    A Child's Academy

    Top Gainesville Preschool

    Take a minute to review ACA's presentation video. This will introduce you to some of our dedicated staff and parts of our amazing facility.
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    A Child’s Academy provides the best childcare services in Gainesville FL. We offer preschool, after school, VPK, summer camp programs, and more! Click the button below to view our online booking schedule and reserve your tour with ACA.

    A Child's Academy

    Childcare Gainesville FL

    A Child's Academy is Gainesville Florida's top choice for professional preschool, child care, and daycare services. Our staff is passionate about our programs and is continually dedicated to providing the best preschool services in accordance with industry standards.



    All of our teachers and counselors are certified by the state of Florida in child care courses.


    After School


    We offer parents with elementary aged children our premium after school care program services.




    Our voluntary prekindergarten education program boasts a 97% kindergarten readiness rate, the highest of preschools in Alachua County.


    Camp Bouncers

    Play & Summer Camp

    Camp Bouncers serves as ACA’s Gainesville summer camp, winter break camp, and spring break camp.

    Best Preschool in Gainesville FL

    The team at A Child's Academy is dedicated to teaching and nurturing the children we care for in the best manner possible. Early childhood development is a crucial portion of your child's life. We understand a parents' busy schedule and we're here to help with the best child care services in Gainesville FL.

    Quality Lesson Plans & Activities

    At ACA we take our curriculum seriously – every week our teachers dedicate a portion of their time to plan upcoming projects.

    Attentive Teachers, Counselors, & Staff

    We maintain excellence. Our teachers are highly committed to their classes and extensively trained in the best child care practices.

    Tight-Knit Support System

    Our teachers and team members consist of caring and exceptionally empathetic individuals -treating the families we work with as our own.

    A Child's Academy

    Learning Center and Blog

    Read our team's latest articles regarding our company centers and activities. Inform yourself with amazing child care tips and stay up to date with Gainesville Florida's top family news.
    Gainesville Preschool & Child Care Services


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      A Child’s Academy is a Gainesville Florida based professional child care service provider. We are a certified and top-rated preschool running several child care programs for the needs of just about every parent. Join the ACA family today.

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