We hope you’ve enjoyed navigating through A Child’s Academy Gainesville FL Reviews. Every teacher and caregiver on our staff is committed to providing each child with the opportunity to develop to his or her individual potential. Our staff represents more than 50 years of childcare management and teaching experience, and we take pride in the continuity that comes from finding and keeping the best professionals.

We recognize that every child has his/her own learning style and needs. Parents and teachers work together along with our director to accommodate those specific needs. In addition, our school carefully plans activities that will promote the desire to learn and enable all children to grow—like teaching sign language to toddlers, creating a hydroponic garden, and introducing young minds to technology in our own computer lab. At A Child’s Academy, success is not an excuse to sit back on our comfy laurels. Innovation is key for us and our families!

The goal at A Child’s Academy is to provide a loving, happy place for young children to learn and grow as we bridge the gap from home to school. Our staff supports a positive self-image in each child while building social skills in a scholastic setting. It’s easy to recognize that parents appreciate these extensive efforts through the sentiments vocalized via A Child’s Academy Gainesville FL Reviews At A Child’s Academy, we believe in Christian values, courtesy, and good manners. We reinforce this commitment through the use of the Abeka curriculum, which builds the content of every textbook on the foundation of God’s Word.

We adhere to both Florida’s Gold Seal Quality Care Program and the APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) standards for our center. The Gold Seal Quality Care Program recognizes those childcare centers that promote early learning and school readiness. APPLE certification is akin to the Ivy League of preschools. Tighter requirements address not only the educational program, but the facility itself. We are proud to bear these symbols of such high standards. When your child’s care, safety, and education are trusted to us, we take the role seriously. So, none of these guidelines are tougher than the standards we impose on ourselves.

A Child’s Academy provides a clean, safe, and supportive place for your child. Rooms are cleaned twice a day, and toys are meticulously maintained to ensure the safety of every youngster in our care. All playgrounds are equally tended to ensure a safe, secure environment for your child.

We adhere to strict standards for our health practices for hand-washing, food preparation, and restroom protocol to reduce the risk of illness. Our perfect health record demonstrates the quality of our efforts.

Every member of our staff is certified in CPR and trained in first aid. We are prepared for any medical emergency or evacuation procedure.

For security, all parents and teachers must sign in and out electronically, and children are released only to individuals authorized by the parents on the enrollment application. We have implemented video monitoring of each classroom, so you can stop in at any time and see how your child is doing, without upsetting the class. We do not, however, allow online access, to avoid compromising the safety of our children.