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Four Lessons Children Need Before Starting School (Pt. two)

A child’s academy Gainesville Florida’s go source of professional preschool and child care services. In our last blog post we covered 2 out four lessons that children need before starting kindergarten and grade school; here is part two of that article. We hope you find our daycare Gainesville FL childcare tips insightful.

3. Bus Basics | Best Daycare Gainesville FL

For many children one of the most difficult adjustments they need to make when entering school is taking the school bus, which makes sense if you consider the fact that they’ve probably never set foot in anything larger than the family van. Some school s offer practise bus rides before the first day so that you can help ensure your child that the ride isn’t as bad as it may seem. Check with your child’s new school to determine if they offer a program similar to the one we just described. If there is no practice run, don’t’ fret. Walk your child to his or her bus stop before the first day of school begins and remind them of the process. Ensure them that you will introduce them to the school bus’ driver and that he or she will get everyone on the bus to school safely. If your child is especially nervous you can recommend that they sit near the bus driver as they may feel safer near an adult. Many children are nervous about finding the correct bus to board after school so make sure that you’ve set some time apart to cover the dismissal process with your child as well. Your teacher or a school staff member will most likely cover dismissal with your child, but you can help them feel more confident by preparing beforehand.

4. Intro to Dining | Top Daycare Gainesville FL

Because many of your child’s fine motor skills are still developing tasks that may seem menial to us can be a big challenge for them. Opening tupperware containers and ziploc bags can very quickly become a daunting challenge for your child. In order to help your child avoid having “mealtime meltdowns” you can help them practice opening such containers by packing the a “school lunch” while they are at home. Turn it into an lunchtime adventure and take your packed meal to the park for a picnic and ask your child to open their food. Help them practice the process of getting the containers open and closing them until they are comfortable doing so. This will help them with their fine motor skill development and help you understand what they have a difficult time opening. By understanding with packaging that your child is struggling with you’ll have ample time to rethink what containers you are using to carry you child’s lunch and adjust if you need to do so.

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