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Helping Your Child “Connect The Dots” & Take Ownership | Daycare Near Me

Quality Gainesville Preschool | Daycare Near Me | If you look around at the three and four-year-old classrooms at A Child’s Academy you’ll notice that many of the children are borderline obsessed with “connect the dot” activities. For many children being able to identify patterns hidden in shapes and number sequences helps to offer them a sense of discovery and a very unique intellectual thrill.

Helping children understand the relationship between their actions and the results that occur from those actions can be readily achieved by approaching this life lesson as a “connect the dots” puzzle. Children have the innate ability to pick up on a lot more than you might imagine simply by it being explained to them.

Taking ownership of one’s own actions is an important character trait that every effective member of society needs to develop. Helping children understand the importance and value of taking ownership over their actions helps create children who are prepared for tomorrow’s future. There are many ways to help children understand the concept of ownership such as learning activities, one-on-one discussions, as well as children’s stories depicting taking ownership over our words and actions.

Quality Preschool Daycare Near Me | Here are some examples of ways to help your child develop taking ownership over their behavior:

    1. Help them “connect the dots” – “You ran around the whole park 3 times so now you’re very tired” or “You’ve been working and practicing very hard so now you can catch the ball more easily.” When you spell out the cause and effect of various situations within your child’s life you are helping to break down the complexities of those situations and helping them understand the consequences of their actions and behaviors.
    1. Remain Consistent With Expectations – A good technique to practice with children is to talk to them before heading into a new environment that has a possibility of distracting them from the behavior you’d like them to engage in. Reminding your child of what you’d like them to do with their hands, feet, and voice level will help them understand your expectations much better than if you just assume they will behave a certain way.
    1. Practice Responding to Situations – One of the best ways to teach children lessons and behaviors is to treat it like a game and actively roleplay a situation with them.  if you feel that your child has made a poor choice in a certain scenario try reenacting the situation that you were unhappy with. Act as the other party and pay attention to what ways your child responds to the situation. Many times seeing the scene played out in front of you, allows you to better understand your child’s perspective. This deeper understanding also positions you with the ability to explain to your child how they can adjust their behavior for better consequences in the future.
  1. Read Stories With Good Morals – Reading stories with your child Is one of the best ways to help them understand real-life scenarios in a fun way. Pick out stories in which characters must make decisions, pause between the moments in which the character is making a decision that will have a direct consequence, and ask your child what they would have done in that situation.

If you have been looking for quality preschool programs in Gainesville Florida contact our team at A Child’s Academy.

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