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Florida Preschool Curriculum

If you’ve ever wondered about how Gainesville’s best preschools create their establishment’s curriculum you need wonder no more. Each and every classroom is run in a co-teaching environment. This means we place a minimum of two teachers in each one of our preschool classrooms in order to ensure the children we care for are properly cared for without our staff feeling numerically overwhelmed. Our Florida preschool curriculum is used to help draft weekly plans during lessons development sessions organized by the programs’ teachers as a team. All of our lesson plans are carefully reviewed in order to guarantee that we are organizing age-appropriate activities and that the activities properly reflect our Florida preschool curriculum standards.

From infant care to summer programs our team at a Child’s Academy strives to create an environment that families naturally gravitate towards. We help each child develop their unique skills and participate in activities that they naturally enjoy. This helps cultivate a sense of community within our preschool and creates positive peer-to-peer relationships among the children in our care. Our Florida Preschool Curriculum is based on and has built upon the standards management set for ACA during its inception 40 years ago.

Our Philosophy

The goal at A Child’s Academy is to provide a loving, happy place for young children to learn and grow as we bridge the gap from home to school. Our staff supports a positive self-image in each child while building social skills in a scholastic setting. At A Child’s Academy, we believe in Christian values, courtesy, and good manners. We reinforce this commitment through the use of the A Beta curriculum, which builds the content of every textbook on the foundation of God’s Word.

Abeka Curriculum

“Abeka is a publisher affiliated with Pensacola Christian College that produces K-12 curriculum materials that are used by Christian schools and homeschooling families around the world.”

A Child Academy’s preschool is centered on preparing your child for the critical transition into school. Our Abeka curriculum is structured to sharpen reading, writing, math, and social skills so that your preschooler will be ready for the academic and social challenges ahead.

A Child’s Academy Understands

  • Every Child Learns differently. As top Florida preschool program providers we’ve learned to recognize a child’s individual learning style and use it to help personalized development.
  • Open ended question and ideas allow a child to properly reflect on topics being discussed. We aim to create a balanced ratio between structured activities and open play/exploration times.
  • Setting high expectations is the way to the top. Our team recognizes that improvement comes from pushing oneself toward better results. ACA continuously sets high standards for ourselves and our co workers in order to remain at the forefront of quality childcare and Florida preschool curriculum.

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our Gainesville Florida preschool curriculum or any other aspects of the child care programs that we offer. We look forward to meeting your family and helping your child learn, explore, and grow.


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