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Promoting Preschool Creativity in Gainesville Florida

Preschool Creativity | The value of creativity for children is simply indispensable. Having a creative outlet allows children to feel a much-needed sense of control over their lives. If you’ve ever given a young child the crayon for the first time you probably ended up trying to prevent them from eating the colorful wax. If you remain patient and help the child understand what they can do with those crayons on paper you probably saw a very excited reaction.  Once children understand that gliding the crayons over paper creates unique and colorful markings that they were able to control you are giving them a wonderful new activity that stimulates healthy brain function and cognitive development.

From Scribbles to Art | Preschool Creativity Sparks Development

Just a few months past the age of three children will begin to connect the two lines of their drawings in order to form and closed patterns and shapes. They are reaching a creative milestone in which they recognize patterns and are beginning to develop a more defined sense of order.  The combination of various and closed shapes is what helps the child make their first attempts representing objects from their daily lives.

Drawing Helps Language Development | Preschool Creativity

As children are further exposed to writing and literature and begin to learn how to piece together the alphabet to form words and sentences they will make a temps to combine their drawings with narrative stories.  You might note that they include letter like symbols in their drawings and labeled many of the things throughout their art. Children who are especially vocally expressive tend to give detailed story narratives based on their art when asked about what they drew.

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Motor Skill Development | Preschool Creativity

Beyond building skills that drawing provides for children in terms of language development the act of physically drawing aids children in the development of fine and gross motor skills, increased hand-eye coordination, and control over minute finger movements.

Help Promote Art & Drawing | Preschool Creativity

    1. Talk and ask about the process of the drawing rather than the final product. Mention the types of colors and the kinds of lines/shapes your child has included in their picture. If you focus on these details rather than the final product of your child’s process they will be encouraged to continue to create and will naturally add more details without feeling pressured to create something specific.
    1. Change up the materials. Children who are experimenting with art and drawing are ready and exhilarated to test their skills in varying ways. A simple change from crayons two markers or pencils helps create an exciting new experience for your child and will encourage them to continue drawing.
  1. Give them artistic freedom. It is much better to give a child a blank piece of paper and encourage them to draw rather than place a coloring sheet in front of them. While there’s nothing wrong with coloring children benefit much more from the experimentation of drawing shapes and lines and adding color to their own unique creations.

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