Summer Camps in Gainesville Florida
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Summer Camps in Gainesville Florida

When making a selection on where to place your child among Summer camps in Gainesville Florida there is no better experience than the once our team offers through Camp Bouncers. A typical day consists of a balance between structured team activities with a focus on fun and time for campers to explore their own interests. Each week’s activities include opportunities to spark campers curiosity in the areas of science, technology, engineering and/or math, (commonly known as STEM). Campers experience the value of perseverance and the pride of success while being challenged in a nurturing and fun-filled environment!

Summer Camps in Gainesville Florida

Camp Bouncers is owned and operated by A Child’s Academy. Our team has been providing quality preschool and child care services for over 40 years. In this time ACA has developed into one of the top preschools in the County. Unlike some other Summer camps in Gainesville FL our counselors and staff work tirelessly to ensure there is a  continually evolving curriculum, fun activities, and fresh themes for the program. We place extensive efforts in these areas because our team understands the importance of properly engaging children during these crucial periods of development in their lives – plus it’s so refreshing seeing the children smile! in this article we wanted to give you an idea of our team at ACA approaches organizing our Bouncers Summer Camp program. Illustrated below – we’ve broken down a previous year’s theme to effectively relay an example of what we offer our campers:

  • Week 1: EPC Infinity Originals June 20-24
    Based on the well-known game, Disney Infinity, campers will build a real-life “skill tree” as they accomplish specific challenges while working independently or as a member of their team in the great outdoors.
  • Week 2: Amazing Race June 27-July 1
    Campers will experience virtual tours of different countries from around the world, participating in friendly competition and celebrating diverse engineering, cultures and cuisine.
  • Week 3: Legendary Excavators July 5-8
    Based on the popular app, Terraria, campers will participate in an archeological dig. Using basic tools they will unearth lost artifacts in order to unravel an ancient mystery.
  • Week 4: Super Splash Campers July 11-15
    Based on the Super Mario Brother’s game, campers will earn and collect coins as they participate in wild water adventures throughout the week and construct a vast water wall.
  • Week 5: EPC Sports World July 18-22
    Working as teams or with partners, campers will work collaboratively to strategize winning plays in a variety of popular and unique sporting events.
  • Week 6: Masters of the Universe July 25-29
    Through diverse story lines, campers will develop the skills needed to solve problems and overcome obstacles while exploring the universe.
  • Week 7: Sensei Recyclers August 1-5
    Campers will become real-life masters in the arts of reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing, creating super-cool stuff!
  • Week 8: Epic Engineers August 8-12
    Based on the popular video game, Minecraft, campers will brainstorm designs and work together to create 3-dimensional structures using a variety of building materials.
  • Week 9: Food Network August 15-19
    Campers will dive into fun and exciting new ways to make delicious and nutritious snacks, desserts, and meals.
  • Week 10: EPC-elodeon August 22-26
    Campers will be challenged in creating and participating in game shows based on the classic Nickelodeon hit.

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Contact our team at ACA with any questions regarding Camp bouncers, our preschool, our other child care services!

P.S We also host birthday parties at our locale!

Summer Camps in Gainesville Florida

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