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Gainesville Preschool Learning – What Type of Learner is Your Child?

If you are a parent to more than one child, chances are that you have noticed over time how completely different your kiddos are from one another. Whether you are comparing their interests or their favorite hobbies, it is very rare that any two kids will be nearly identical when it comes to things like this. Another area children very much differ from one another in, is the way in which they learn and retain information. Below you can uncover the four learning types and from there decide which one is the most applicable to your child. ACA is regarded among the top child care centers in Gainesville FL. We go above and beyond your typical Gainesville preschool learning centers in terms of training, curriculum, and program diversification.




  •  The Visual Learner

    If your child can simply see new information and form his/her own ideas based off of it, chances are they are a visual learner. Educational materials like charts and graphs are very good tools for a child who learns in this way.

  • The Auditory Learner

    If your child seems to retain the things they hear rather than the things they are shown, they are probably an auditory learner. Often you can figure out that your child learns best this way if you hear them repeating things after they are told them.

  • The Reading and Writing Learner

    If your kiddo gets excited to read and write, this is a big clue about what sort of learner they are. Someone who learns from reading and writing lean towards lessons that include plenty of text.

  • The Kinesthetic Learner

    The hands-on learner prefers to gather information by experimenting. Role playing is also a very effective tool when it comes to kinesthetic learning.

When you enroll your child at Gainesville’s A Child’s Academy, we will work to provide lessons that will speak to your child’s specific way of learning rather than to the entire class. We go above and beyond to ensure that the children we care for are excited about learning and are being taught that it’s okay to learn in their own style. Contact us with any questions regarding our preschool programs or Gainesville preschool learning philosophies.

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