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Best Preschool Gainesville FL | 4 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating

Best Preschool Gainesville FL | Keeping children healthy is a primary goal of many parents and caretakers around the world, but no matter how hard some of these parents seem to try it can be very difficult to get some children to eat healthy food. A Child’s Academy helps guide the families we work with as well as our devoted blog readers help raise happy, confident and healthy children. Although the task and seem fairly daunting at times it’s important for you to remain consistent in your attempts to encourage healthy eating habits.  

Children respond well to consistency and will eventually become more accustomed to healthy foods even if they claim they don’t like them at first. Our team at a child’s Academy Prides itself in serving healthy meals and food to the children in our care. When children are eating healthy they have better immune systems, more readily learn and developmentally thrive. In this article, we want to cover some helpful suggestions that will help encourage healthy eating habits in your household and for your child.

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4 Tips To Encourage Healthy Eating:

    1. Start with making good choices when buying groceries. Keep healthy food in the house at all times. Having fruits and vegetables around the house in designated areas that are readily accessible to your child will promote healthy eating. It’s okay to allow your child to have a treat once in a while, but if you consistently stock your house with small packages of unhealthy “junk food” it’ll be much harder to encourage your child to make the healthier choice.
    1. Vocalize your content when your child makes healthy eating choices. You should acknowledge that your child made a good choice and give them some praise when they do so. Children respond well to this form of approval and it can be a great way to motivate them to continue to build healthy eating habits.
    1. Make it a point to prepare and eat dinner together as a family. allow your child to create their own snacks or meals by providing them with a few options for healthy foods. Children are very responsive when you give them the freedom of choice and control over the tasks you are presenting them with. Allow them to try different things and if they say they don’t like something provide them with another healthy alternative.
  1. It’s important to not use a reward and Punishment system involving food. When you give a child their favorite food for good behavior or try to withhold items when a child misbehaves you are teaching the child that the food they receive can be controlled by the way they behave. This action definitely encourages unhealthy eating habits and will almost undoubtedly create unhealthy patterns later in life. instead of trying to motivate your child with food present them with something fun that involves a healthy activity like exercise.  For example, if your child is behaving exceptionally well you can offer to spontaneously take them on a trip to the park or you guys can run around and play games like tag or catch.

Contact our team at a child’s Academy today if you have any questions regarding our preschool or Child Care programs. if you are looking for a preschool in Gainesville Florida that will help encourage healthy eating habits don’t hesitate to schedule your tour today.

Best Preschool Gainesville FL | Promoting Healthy Eating

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