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Giving Your Child the Right Expectations this Holiday – Christian Gainesville Preschool

Right now, it may seem to you that you can’t even enter a grocery store without your child requesting that something they sell there needs to be added to their Christmas list. Being patient, in general, is very hard for children, so by the time the holidays roll around, they are more ready than ever for the excitement. It also doesn’t help that everywhere you turn, there seem to be advertisements citing the many sales on toys and games available this time of year. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that you set the right expectations for your child when this time of year arrives. As a top-rated Christian Gainesville preschool, A Child’s Academy helps children learn the importance of generosity, altruism, and philanthropy.

Christian Gainesville Preschool Tips

    1. Set The Context

      One of the best ways you can mitigate your child’s focus regarding receiving this holiday season is to place an emphasis on giving. Get your kiddo really excited to purchase gifts for others that they are sure to love. Explain to your child what is so great about buying a gift for someone who wants or needs it. This will make the emphasis of the holiday to give, rather than to receive. Another way to change the focus of the holiday is to make it more about the tradition rather than the gifts. Get your child excited about putting up the tree, or lighting the menorah, whatever your family’s traditions are, your kiddo should look forward to those much more than they are looking forward to the gifts they are going to get.

    2. Managing Your Budget

      While it would be nice if you had unlimited funds, chances are this just isn’t the case. If your child is a bit older, you can explain what budgeting is to them and how you have to take your personal budget into account when you are trying to buy holiday gifts. However, if your child is younger, this idea may be a bit over his/her head. On the other hand, if your child is younger, you may want to explain the possibilities the holiday hold far ahead of time. This can become much easier if your kiddo believes in Santa Claus. Simply explain to your little on that Santa cannot fit a pony on his sleigh because he has to carry toys for the rest of the children around the world as well.

    3. Examining Your Motives

      Many adults feel as though the holidays are a time to make up for the shortcomings of parents as a whole. However, it is very important to realize that no parent is perfect and breaking your bank or going to extreme measures for your child during the holiday season could end up having more negative effects than positive ones. After all, we all know how long a child’s attention span is. While they may be extremely excited about a toy they received for the holidays, their excitement will surely be short lived. All it takes is another toy to catch their eye and all of a sudden, the present you worked so hard to get or pay for is no longer important. If your emphasis is not on gifts during the holiday season, your child’s is unlikely to be either.

    4. Holidays At A Child’s Academy

      We are always trying to teach the children enrolled at A Child’s Academy the importance of relationships over material possessions. Learn more when you find out more about our individual classrooms on our site! We try to make the very best people out of our students, just like you do for your children. Learn the many ways we can make a positive impact on your kid’s life when you call and schedule a free consultation today!

Contact us today with any questions regarding our Christian Gainesville preschool programs, curriculum, or philosophy. We look forward to working with your child.

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