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Kiddie Academy Gainesville FL | Tips for a Smoother Drop Off

Kid’s Academy Gainesville FL | Drop Off Tips: A Child’s Academy is Gainesville Florida’s Number one preschool service provider. We are continually striving to provide the families we serve as well as parents who follow our blog tips to help ease commonly encountered obstacles in child care. One of the problem areas we’ve seen some families struggle with is drop-off times. There are several steps that you can take in order to minimize tears and struggle while dropping off your child at their preschool or child care facility. Our kiddie academy Gainesville FL programs are specialized for each one of our age groups set to our curriculum standards to provide the best learning experience possible for your child. Our teachers are trained to help children feel more comfortable during a difficult drop off through one of several methods. Whenever a child enters the classroom or joins the group our team at ACA works to ensure that the child feel welcome and safe. By quickly engaging them in one of the activities their peers are doing we help get the child’s mind off drop-off making for a smoother transition.

Kiddie Academy Gainesville FL | The Drop-Off Ritual | Gainesville preschool

Kiddie Academy Gainesville FLHere are some quick tips for helping make your preschool drop off easier:

    1. Get into a routine
    1. Read books about preschool and going to school
    1. Give them a family picture to take with them
    1. Play on the playground or classroom with them
    1. Remain positive
  1. Do Not stay too long

Kiddie Academy Gainesville FL | Tips for a Successful Drop-Off | Alachua County Preschool

Contact us at A Child’s Academy if you have any questions regarding our preschool program or childcare services. We look forward to hearing from you and working with your family to provide quality child care. 

Kiddie Academy Gainesville FL | Drop Off Tips

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