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Choosing the Right Gainesville Preschool Program for Your Child – PT. 3

Our last three posts have taken an in depth look at what you should be considering when you are looking for the right preschool for your child. Our Gainesville Fl preschool program locale is packed full of amazing features and play areas. We have talked about location, teaching styles and classroom settings, but we haven’t discussed what we consider to be the most important part of picking the right pre-k setting for your kiddo: The Visit.

Before you ever decide to enroll your child in a Gainesville preschool, you are going to want to take a trip to the facility. Visiting a preschool can tell you the most about what you can expect your child to experience on a daily basis.




Asking yourself these questions during your visit will surely help you decide if a certain preschool is the right choice:

  • Do I feel welcome in this space and does my child seem to as well?
  • Is my child interested in what they are offering?
  • Do the other children seem happy and fulfilled?
  • Is this preschool clean? Is it safe?

Additionally you may want to ask the teachers or head of the school these questions:

  • What is the turnover like when it comes to staff?
  • What are the stances on discipline at this preschool?
  • Is your preschool accredited?
  • What are my payment options and how much will I be paying on a monthly basis?

Make sure you are thorough and truly know what sort of environment your child will be spending his or her days in. Taking the time to pick the right preschool will put you at ease once your child is enrolled and ensure that they get the education you want for them. Contact us today for more information regarding making the right decision when making a preschool selection or if you have any questions pertaining to our child care services.

Gainesville FL Preschool Program

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