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Four Lessons Children Need Before Starting School

A Child’s Academy provides the best educational daycares in Alachua FL.

1. Bathroom Skills 101 | Top Daycares in Alachua FL | Preschool FL

It’s fairly common for some young children to have anxiety regarding using the restroom at school. This is is easily understood if you take into account that younger children still don’t have full control over their body’s bladder functions. According Chris Cooper, MD Director of Pediatric Urology (University of Iowa), “At age 5, 15 percent of kids are still at risk of having daytime wetting accidents.” there are several factors at play here, so let’s break them down. If you have a young child there is a good chance that they may experience suddenly oncoming bladder signals which would mean they’d have to rush to the bathroom as soon as possible to avoid an accident. Some children may not yet recognize their body’s early warnings that they need to use the bathroom. Children also have a tendency to become captivated the current activity and will put off going to the bathroom until the last minute.

You can help reduce your child’s bathroom worries by helping them learn to undo their clothing buttons, zippers, and snaps.By helping make sure that your child is comfortably adept at removing their clothes when rushing to the restroom you are helping them minimize the chance of accidents while helping reduce their anxiety.

2. Interpersonal Skills Breakdown | Best Daycares in Alachua FL

For many kids walking into a new classroom full of children that they don’t know can feel pretty intimidating. If you want to help your child avoid feeling like a “deer in the headlights,” you can give them a crash course in approaching peers and making friends. Giving your child refreshers on skills that they are working to develop helps boost their confidence in completing the task at hand and helps the child develop in that specific area much more rapidly than otherwise. Boost their bravery, remind your child that the other kids in their new class are probably also nervous. Tell them about a similar situation that you had to face that turned out okay.

You can role play with your child in order to get them feeling comfortable about approaching their peers and introducing themselves. Go out with your child and allow them to order their own meal if you’re at a restaurant or pay a cashier at a store so that they have a chance to practice talking to new people.

Remind you child that there are several ways for them to kind to their peers and essentially “be the friend” that they’d like someone to be. Remind your child of the importance of sharing toys and taking turns with other children. Explain that when they treat others with respect and kindness those individuals will be happy and the same will apply with the kids at school.

A Child’s Academy is Gainesville Florida’s number one preschool. We have been serving Alachua County with professional child care services during the course of the last four decades. If you have been looking for the top daycares in Alachua FL or have any questions regarding our preschool or childcare services don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our preschool programs include:

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