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O2B Kids at A Child’s Academy – Ten Characteristics of a Great Preschool

As one of the top preschool Gainesville FL providers we’ve made it our mission to create a highly nurturing environment that adopts and advocates proven techniques for highly effective early childhood development. Though there are many choices when it comes to child care providers in Gainesville FL we invite you to weigh what these programs offer meticulously. Brentwood School, O2B Kids, Education Station, Cornerstone Academy are some of the other child care providers you’ll run into offering services in Gainesville FL and while we’re sure they each offer good services we also know that the efforts our team at ACA places in making our schools the best are extensive, substantial, and on-going. A Child’s Academy is an Apple accredited preschool that has been serving as Gainesville’s number one provider of child care over the last four decades.

O2B Kids at ACA – Best Preschool Gainesville FL

There are several characteristics that can help you identify a great preschool. If you have a child that is currently attending or just entering preschool then you should be mindful of these characteristics as they will help ensure your child is receiving the best care possible. Whether you have enrolled in a childcare, preschool, or kindergarten prep program it’s been highly recommended by professionals such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) that you look for a service provider who demonstrates expertise, care, and dedication.

Top Ten Characteristics of a Great Preschool

  1. There are several activities for children to choose from. You should look for an assortment of building blocks, legos, or similar construction toys. Dress up play areas, pretend centers like “kitchen areas” along with lots of picture books, paints, and other art materials are all fantastic tools for healthy developmental activities. Matching and puzzle games are also fantastic skills to get in sensory time and sharpen problem-solving skills for preschoolers.
  2. Preschool-aged children should be spending the majority of their time playing and interacting with the other children in their room. Aimless wandering should be caught and directed toward an activity by the preschool teachers in the room. Sometimes a child is indecisive about what to do at that particular moment; a great preschool staff knows when to step in and make helpful suggestions based on the child’s interest.
  3. If you are observant of how a great preschool program is run you will note that preschool teachers alternate between working with individual children, small groups, and the class as a whole during different segments and portions of the day.
  4. Preschool lessons are most effective when they are taught in the context of everyday activities. Numbers and the alphabet are taught through exposure on topics and activities like cooking, taking attendance, serving snack, and group activities.
  5. The classrooms are decorated with work by the preschoolers. Here you should see original art the children have completed, their own writing (spelling mistakes included), and stories children have dictated.
  6. Worksheets are used sparingly (if at all). Instead, children work on skill-developing projects and have ample amounts of time to play and explore throughout the day.
  7. Children should have the opportunity to have outdoor play time every day they are in preschool (weather permitting). Outdoor time should never be exchanged for more instructional time indoors – balance is key.
  8. Preschool curriculum should be flexible; it can be adjusted for children who are more advanced as well as those who may need additional help on specific topics.
  9. Teachers help children read books individually and in small groups throughout the day rather than just during story-time as a group.
  10. Children in attendance look forward to visiting their preschool. Parents should feel confident that their children are good hands and are being helped throughout these crucial developmental periods in their child’s lives.

Contact our team at A Child’s Academy today with any questions regarding our VPK, after-school care, or preschool Gainesville programs. Give our ACA Facebook page a like to stay updated with the latest news regarding our preschool Gainesville programs as well as to read up on regularly posted childcare tips. We look forward to hearing from you.

O2B Kids at A Child’s Academy; Doesn’t it Sound Wonderful!?

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