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Gainesville Summer Camps | It’s Science Week!

It’s science week at Camp Bouncers, meaning we’re presenting Summer Campers with multiple science-based activities and three optional specialty science classes. Our yearly Gainesville Summer camps offer children five different themes throughout the Summer to keep them engaged, curious, having fun, and always learning.


When you present young children (preschool, kindergarten, and elementary) with insightful science activities you help encourage them to explore their world and begin to consciously use their senses including sight, sound, touch, smell, and sometimes even taste. When kids are fully able to immerse themselves in a project, the greater the interest they will have in it! It’s for this very reason that presenting your child with fun and educational activities on a regular basis is a must!

A Child’s Academy has been Gainesville Florida’s number one preschool and child care provider for nearly four decades. We have found that implementing science activities in our curriculum gets children excited about science, and more importantly excited about learning. Our Gainesville Summer camps have involved fun science lessons since their inception. It all depends on the individual kid or group you are working with! You can also add more or less of the science information depending on the age level.


Not only are these preschool science experiments an awesome introduction to higher learning concepts, they help spark curiosity within your child. Science helps children develop thoughtful questions, problem solve and find answers to queries along the way.

Kids are naturally curious creatures and once you have peaked their curiosity, you have also turned on their observation skills, critical thinking skills, and experimenting skills. Our aim at ACA and Camp Bouncers is to offer the children we care for a safe and fun, but also highly-educational environment. Children naturally want to know more about the world, encourage this thirst for knowledge, and explore the arts and sciences with your child. This exploration helps ensure healthy cognitive and even social development.

In the Next Few Blog Posts, we’ll be exploring and breaking down the process on some of our favorite science experiments. You’ll get a chance to try some activities at home and get an inside look at some of the things your child will experience when you enroll them as a preschooler at ACA or when enrolled in our Gainesville Summer camps at Gainesville Bouncers.

We always keep our early learning science experiments playful and simple. The goal is to keep your child engaged and learning new things. E=MC2 will not be required. A playful way of saying you’ve got this!


Our favorite science experiments and activities are inexpensive, quick, and easy to set up! Like we said before the activity doesn’t have to be overly complicated in order to be effective. Simple and fun science lessons that allow the child to engage in the process are all you really need to strive for. As long as you thoroughly explain every step you are taking and describing every ingredient or material you are using your child will learn.

If you have a child aged five to ten and have been looking for a quality Gainesville Summer camps and/or after school care for the rest of the year, we’ve got you covered! Our Gainesville Bouncers after school care and Summer camp programs offer learning, fun, indoor bounce house and playground spaces, and much more! Contact us today for more information.

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