Gainesville FL Summer Camp
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Gainesville FL Summer Camp | Specialty Classes Sign Up

Top-Rated Gainesville FL Summer Camp

Hi Parents!

Camp Bouncers starts for some of you next week and we are finalizing the specialty camps!
Please fill out this form to select what you want your child to participate in while attending our Gainesville FL Summer Camp 🙂 (please fill out the form by tomorrowMay 31st)

Click Below for Link:

Gainesville Summer Camp | Specialty Classes Sign Up

  • Please submit even if you aren’t selecting anything
  • For any 1 week you can select up to 3 options (not more than 3 per week)
  • The specialty camp will be offered if 5 or more campers select it for a given week
  • All specialty camps are $25 per week, except for the water park which is $10 per week
  • For Piano, the camper will need to bring their own electronic keyboard and power cord
  • Please see page 4 of the Camp Bouncers brochure for more detail.

CLICK HERE: Download our 2018 Summer Brochure & Registration Form!

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