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Summer Camp Activities | Mentos-Coke Explosion (A Science Experiment)

It’s science week at Camp Bouncers, and the kids are pumped! Today we’re sharing with you a couple of our favorite science experiments that you can try at home. In our last blog post, we covered a fun experiment observing iron in your breakfast cereal using magnets. This post will cover a fun and messy experiment based on one of our previous science Summer camp activities that’ll teach your child about gas molecules and object surface tension. Let’s Get Started.

Mentos-Coke Explosion

Summer Camp ActivitiesMaterials Required:

  • A Pack or Handful of Mentos mints
  • 2-liter bottle of Coke soda (Pro Tip: Diet Coke will also work & is less sticky to clean!)
  • Piece of paper
  1. This activity will require you and your little one to find a good amount of space. We highly recommend going outside as this experiment will definitely get messy!
  2. Once you’ve found your open space (probably your yard) the first step is to position the Coke bottle on a flat sturdy surface on the ground. Ensure that your bottle will not easily tip over.
  3. It’s now time to open your pack of Mentos and get them ready experimental execution. Your aim here is to drop all your mints into the soda bottle at once. This is tougher than it sounds if you aren’t prepared, but we are! Roll the piece of paper you gathered with your other materials into a slim tube. The hole should be just wide enough for you to hold your mint in. Move to position your paper funnel over the bottle and so that you may drop all the mints at the same time. Hold the tube over the mouth of the bottle but don’t drop the Mentos just yet.
  4. Make sure that once you’re ready to proceed you warn your child and all other spectators to stand back. Drop the mints and take a few steps back yourself to enjoy the shop
  5. Can you say homemade fireworks? I think so!

ACA offers children aged 5-10 Camp Bouncers, a fun and engaging Summer Camp in Gainesville. Camp Bouncers is full of wonderful Summer camp activities that focus not only on fun but also on your child’s development. Our summer camp activities change with Camp Bouncers’ various rotating weekly themes. It’s Science week meaning our Summer Campers will be participating in a series of fun science-themed activities with their friends. It also means that our camp will be offering three optional science specialty classes for families who wish to dive even deeper into the theme. If you are are looking for a quality Summer camp program for your child that is full of fun and educational Summer camp activities we invite you to explore our center. Gainesville Bouncers provides a massive indoor playground and bounce-house play area for our children, along with care from professional Summer camp counselors and child care providers.

If you have any questions regarding our Gainesville Summer camp program contact us today. Did you enjoy this do-it-yourself science experiment based on previous Summer camp activities? If so share it with your friends: simply click one of the social media icons directly below this text to share and we’ll create more content like this!

Fun Summer Camp Activities | Science Experiments for Kids

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