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Kid Works of Art – Why is Art Important for Early Childhood Development?

Children have a naturally curious tendency. As soon as they are able to move and explore their surrounding they do so with enthusiasm and a thirst for understanding the world they’ve found themselves in. A Child’s Academy is a top rated Gainesville preschool, VPK, after school care, and Summer camp provider. We provide the children we care for with highly engaging activities that are varied enough to cater to specific interests. As children grow and learn more about their world they’ll look to adults for examples of behavior to mimic in attempts to understanding how things work and how they should behave. This exploratory period a crucial time-point for your child’s cognitive development. Unrestricted and free exploration allows children to for meaning connections in their brain. Exploration not only helps children learn, they have fun while doing it. Art is one of the best ways to support and encourage this form of free exploration. Children that are given unlimited freedom to create from different materials enables children to experiment and practice putting their creativity to use. Kid works of art are some of the most beautiful because of their sheer honesty and the glimpse you get of the child’s mind.

Allowing children to choose from a wide range of art supplies is one of the best ways to motivate them to get started on an artistic project. The creation of kid works of art gives children the opportunity to practice a skill set that is highly useful for continued learning. Some of the skills that children can develop with involvement in the arts include:

  • Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • L.A. Skills
  • Arithmetic Skills

Why is Art Important for Early Childhood Development?

Kid Works of Art Improves Fine Motor Skills

Kid works of art will help children develop fine motor skills in a series of ways. Grasping art supplies such as pencils, markers, and paintbrushes gives children several chances to practice their motor skills. Using your fine motor skills is developed through practice and muscle memory. Kid works of art will help your child have more control over hand movements aiding in writing, buttoning, clothes, and other precise movements.

Kid Works of Art Improves Cognitive Development

Art also helps improve cognitive development in children because it allows them to practice several skills at once. Children who work on art regularly will have a better understanding of color matching, patterns, and even cause and effect relationships. Aart will also give your child practice in planning. As your child creates more kid works of art they’ll naturally begin to brainstorm ideas of what they’d like to put down. This practice of creating a mental image and then working to bring it into existence dramatically helps improve cognitive development.

Kid Works of Art Improves Math & Language Skills

Sizes, shapes, and spatial reasoning are some of the concepts that your child will get a better grasp on as they explore the world of art. This will give them a smooth introduction to fundamental math skills while simultaneously helping the children develop in many other areas. Children will also improve their language skills as they describe their artwork to others. Ask your child open-ended questions about their art and actively listen to what they have to say. Your child will take notice of your interest and will feel more motivated to continue creating and learning.

Besides all of the aforementioned benefits that come with encouraging the creation of kid works of art, perhaps the most important benefit is that art helps children with free expression and is good for their overall health and well-being.

A Child’s Academy makes it a point to allow children to learn and explore through several mediums of art. We understand the value of the benefits that come with creative learning and do our best to encourage healthy habits such as children regularly creating kid works of art. If you have any questions regarding our preschool, afterschool, VPK, or Summer Camp programs don’t hesitate to contact us today or hit the button below to book a tour with us.

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