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Child Care Facilities – Twenty Fun Things to Do with Your Child

When it’s a rainy day and your child is getting bored being pent up indoors for so long, it’s a good feeling to have a list of activities that you can present them with in order to keep them properly engaged. The first step in this battle is to properly identify what activities your children can comfortably engage in as well as what activities they enjoy most. A Child’s Academy houses the best child care facilities in Gainesville FL. We offer parents and readers articles regarding child care tips and information about our afterschool, summer camp, VPK, and preschool Gainesville services. Here’s a helpful list of entertaining indoor projects for when your child is bored and you’re unsure of what activities would be fun to do together:

  1. Develop an indoor obstacle course for your child to navigate through
  2. Get creative and fabricate an indoor tent with covers; children love homemade forts.
  3. Discover the magic of yoga with an instructional exercise video for youngsters. Youtube offers a vast amount of videos like these absolutely free.
  4. Allow your child to come up with a rearrangement of their room. Once they’ve created a plan with you, help them bring their concept to fruition.
  5. Break out Twister and hold a competition in your family room, this activity will get your child moving and provide a switch up from other every-day games.
  6. Hold an impromptu “Hot-Potato” session. For this, you can use items such as a bean sack or soft toy.
  7. Play Lily-Pad jump with little floor coverings and towels deliberately put all through the den or family room
  8. Put on some music and practice freeze dance. You’ll engage your child in exercise and fun.
  9. Begin a session of Simon-Says, not only is this game entertaining, but it also helps children practice their listening skills and following directions.
  10. Take your child’s most loved book and act out their favorite scenes. You can go as far as converting the whole story into an acted-out play.
  11. Plan and create your own mad libs
  12. Find a site that shows you basic origami
  13. Review the origami site or find another source that shows you different approaches to make paper planes and have a challenge to see whose plane goes the furthest.
  14. Haul out the ensemble box and try on different raiment in a dress-up play session.
  15. Learn about a different culture online and teach your child some new facts.
  16. Make your own playdoh
  17. Haul out your photograph collection and let your child look at them with you. Depending on your child’s age you can discuss the photos or simply let them observe if they are toddler aged.
  18. With slightly older children, you can separate the photographs they select paired with some of your own choices and create a photo collage or scrapbook.
  19. Collect video footage you’ve recorded at your child’s past events and choose parts to use for a homemade movie.
  20. Blow homemade bubbles (to do this simply blend a cup of powdered soap and a quart of warm water).

Contact our team at ACA with any questions regarding our services or Gainesville child care facilities.

Best Child Care Facilities in Gainesville FL

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