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Child Care Near Me – The Importance of Community for Children

Every day there are groups of individuals working to conduct research and gather data that helps provide us with more steadfast information in regards to how young children learn best. It’s because of the diligence of this research that we know more about children’s emotional and intellectual development today than we ever have before. A Child’s Academy is a top-rated provider of after school care, summer camp, VPK, and preschool Gainesville FL programs. When you find yourself in need of child care near me in the Alachua County area there is no better service provider than our team at ACA.

Gainesville Florida – Child Care Near Me

Our team continually strives to be on top of the latest information regarding early childhood learning and development in order to provide the children we care for with the best tools for success and pass this valuable information along to parents. For example, research has demonstrated that just how important it is to provide your child with a multitude of variated projects and activities in order to stimulate their development from various angles. Being involved in both cognitively stimulating activities and active play is fundamentally necessary for optimal cerebral development and socio-emotional growth. If you are in Gainesville and looking for quality providers of child care near me ACA has your back with:

The Importance of Community

Research has also backed what many of us parents and child care providers had already assumed out of common sense. A child’s development begins to flourish in the face of developing healthy and dependable relationships. A young child will turn to the adults in their lives for proper nurturing, security, and a source of solace when needed. It is important that a child feels loved and is properly encouraged toward positive activities. Your child’s first experience this will be developed at home within the context of a loving family.

When you turn to a professional child care provider you are looking for your child to be safe and learn but to also be accepted and valued within the school’s community. A Child’s Academy is a family owned and operated preschool and child care provider with a family atmosphere. The team at ACA is a tight-knit group of child care professionals who share a genuine passion for quality child care. We go above and beyond in attempts to make every child feel included within the group. However, many families often miss the other half of the equation – the importance of family involvement within the school’s community. Your child may not directly express it, but they feel more confident and comfortable in settings with communities that they know their families are a part of.

How Can your Family Join the School’s Community?

The first step to becoming more involved in your school’s community is to create and maintain a trusting and respectful relationship with your child’s teacher. By working together and keeping a good track record of honest communication as well as listening to each other’s perspectives you are guaranteed to provide your child with the best preschool experience possible.

Contact our team at A Child’s Academy if you have any questions regarding our preschool or other child care services.

Child Care Near Me

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