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High Quality After School Care Near Me

The search for a high-quality child care provider can get quite tiring quite fast. Parents want the best for their children, but with so little time to navigate the many options of child care, the process can feel often feel rushed and leave the parent worried. A Child’s Academy has been serving as the top preschool provider in Gainesville Florida for nearly four decades. In this time our staff and teachers have a built a reputation as preschool industry leaders. ACA offers Gainesville parents infant care, toddler care, VPK, and high-quality preschool programs. In partnership with our sister company Gainesville Bouncers, we offer Alachua County residents a premium program for after school care near me. The demand for high-quality after-school programs is on the rise and it’s easy to see why. After school care managed under the care of child care professionals brings with it tremendous benefits for the child enrolled in that program.

Benefits of After School Care Near Me

A well run after-school program provides benefits for the youth, families as a whole, and their communities. Our Gainesville Bouncers after school care programs can help effectively boost academic performance with our guided homework power hour, provide the child with positive and exemplary behavior, and provide a safe environment for fun and learning for the children of working families. In this post, we wanted to break down three of the biggest benefits that come with enrolling in a well-run and effective afterschool program.

    1. National evaluations have demonstrated that nearly 50% of students that attended a quality afterschool program near their home or within their community improved their reading and math performance in school and reflected it with better grades as well as improved concept comprehension.
    1. Not only can enrollment in a high-quality afterschool program near you help improve your child’s grades, it can also help improve classroom behavior and attendance by helping the child create academic aspirations and gain intrinsic motivation over their scholarly efforts.
  1. I remember being enrolled in an afterschool program near me as a child. Like other high-quality afterschool programs, the after school care near me played an important role in shaping habits that I carried for many years. The beast after-school programs will encourage regular physical activity and healthy eating habits which results in an overall healthier lifestyle being developed.

If you’re a parent in Gainesville Florida looking for the perfect program offering afterschool care near, then give our team at ACA a call. Our Gainesville Bouncers afterschool program offers children:

    • Multiple outdoor playgrounds
    • Two-Story indoor Playground
    • A Massive Indoor Bounce House Area
    • Homework Help and Guidance
  • Specialty Projects

If you have any questions regarding A Child’s Academy, Gainesville Bouncers, or the child care services that our facility offers then don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our facilities offer guided tours that you can schedule directly on our website using the “book a tour” option on our the right-hand side of our top menu. We look forward to working with you and your family.

After School Care Near Me

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