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After School Pick Up & Care Programs in Gainesville FL

The various options for after school care can often make the decision process of choosing the right child care provider for your child feel somewhat daunting. We understand the many responsibilities and tasks that you as a parent face each and every day concerning your child’s well being that unavoidably pair with the other demands of life. A Gainesville’s #1 child care providers we are committed to helping make the lives of the families we serve easier. Which is why we offer after school pick up options included with our after school program. It’s no mystery that most parents opting for after school care services in their area are usually doing so because of conflicting schedules with their child’s. Many of these parents simply have no way of leaving work during their child’s dismissal period. Not only do these parents need a quality child care provider to help keep their child safe, engaged, and happy while they wrap up their work days in most cases these families also find themselves in need of after school pick up services. When you think about the reason for which most people seek out after school programs for their children this makes perfect sense. Our team at a Child’s academy has made it our mission to lend a helping hand to the families we serve as best we can.

A Child Academy’s after school program has all of the essential qualities of a great child care service provider wrapped into a neat and elegant package for your child. Besides the advantage of after school pick up services in which a staff member goes to your child’s school in a company vehicle during dismissal and returns them to our child care facility until you pick them up, we work diligently to include developmental advantages for your child to gain while they are enrolled.

Five Essential Qualities of a Great After School Program

  1. Transition Management

    Many after school pick up and care programs will involve several transitions throughout the facility during the time of care. This can be for a number of reasons including the facility has “specialty rooms” that are used for unique or topic based activities/projects.  Transitions are a common area to see children struggling in. A great after school counselor recognizes that they must learn a child’s individual needs in order to help during moments of difficulty (whether it’s with transitions or otherwise). Having an after school teacher who can effectively direct the children under their care with proper transition management can save a lot of time and relieve the task’s tension.

  2. Organization Skills

    Having the ability to multitask as well as plan out and then keep up with schedules is a key quality of a great after school teacher. A schedule helps maintain the program’s focus and ensures a healthy balance of activities for the children in the program.

  3. The Ability to Tutor

    Your after school pick up and care program provider should be fairly adept in tasks such as homework assistance. After school program providers should demonstrate a strong academic background. Many of the after school counselors at ACA have tutoring experience meaning this task is handled as expertly as possible.

  4. A Flexible Nature

    When looking for After school pick up and care providers, you should inform yourself on what the program’s procedures are for days when school has early dismissal or is closed altogether. By considering these variables before you find yourself in a situation where you need to cover these child care gaps you can save yourself from unnecessary stress and trepidation. We can assure you that your child care arrangements will feel much more stable if you are able to have a regular solution for irregular situations.

  5. Great Communication Skills

    A very important quality for your after school provider to demonstrate is the ability to effectively communicate with your child. Your child’s after school counselor/teacher should regularly inquire about your child’s day and pay attention to nonverbal cues when things are somewhat awry. Your child’s after school care provider should also feel comfortable sharing a verbal report with you each day about conducted activities and if necessary bring areas of concern to light.

There are several characteristics that can help you identify a high quality after school pick up and care program. A Child’s Academy works dedicatedly to fill these traits and many more in order to provide the children and families we serve the best services possible. Our after school program allows the children we care for to select from a multitude of activities and play settings. Contact us at ACA today with any questions regarding our Gainesville preschool, VPK, after school pick up, or summer camp programs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Click to learn more about our Gainesville After School Program at Bouncers Indoor Playground.

After School Pick Up & Care Programs in Gainesville FL

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