After School Programs Near Me
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After School Programs Near Me – Best Gainesville Child Care

The U.S is currently involved in expansive and continuous efforts and conversations in the public eye regarding what the best method of increasing after school program options for children around the country might be. The reason the country as a whole is moving toward more after school programs because of how effective they’ve proven when it comes to helping the attending youth with learning support and increased development. There are massive discussions on what the appropriate range and mix of social and academic skills children will need in order to properly succeed in the workforce, as citizens, within their community, and when engaged in global relations. A Child’s Academy plays our role in these efforts from our home in Alachua County by serving as one of the top Gainesville child care providers. If you’re in Gainesville FL or surrounding areas and have been in an active search for quality child care and typing phrases like “after school programs near me” into search engines, we invite you to take a breather a join us for a tour of our facility and see for yourself the many wonderful benefits that come from enrolling in our after school or other child care programs.

In order to help increase the quality of childhood development and improve the general metrics resulting from these efforts we need to make careful observations of what has actually worked and what hasn’t The Global Family Research Project (GFRP formerly HFRP) has taken upon themselves the task of developing and maintaining a national database of after school programs all over the country. The database includes observations made from hundreds of after school programs and has helped address two very important questions regarding this specific matter.

    1. Does being enrolled in an after school program make a positive difference in children’s lives?
  1. If so, what are the necessary conditions required to achieve the best results for improved development?

After about a decade of conducted research, the consensus gathered by the GFRP seems to be that a well-conducted and focused after school program can indeed have tremendous benefits in respects to the development of several target areas including academic improvement and increased understanding of proper social behavior. These skills are the underlying components in helping propel success in today’s ever-changing, and rapidly expanding world. The demands our youth will face in the 21st-century global economy are no small feat. For this reason, it’s extremely important that we equip our children will the best tools for development, learning, and success at this crucial time period.

After School Programs Near Me

A Child’s Academy has a small, but highly developed after school program. We offer direct pick up from your child’s school and bring them to our child care center. We take pride in being a helping hand for all Gainesville families in search of great after school programs near me. ACA’s after school program includes several activities that both keeps the children engaged and helps relieve some of the tasks you as a parent have to deal with regularly during the week’s evening’s including the provision of:

    • Homework Help
    • Daily Healthy Snacks
    • Outside Play
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Music Time
    • Science Lessons
    • Visits to Gainesville Bouncers
  • Literacy Time

If you are in Gainesville FL and looking for the best after school programs near me then you’ve what you’ve been after! A Child’s Academy is Gainesville #1 child care provider. We offer Alachua County residents in search of the best preschool, VPK, summer camp, and after school programs near me a trusted solution. A Child’s Academy has been serving the greater Gainesville area for over 40 years and has built a reputation for quality, dedication, and excellence. Contact our team of Gainesville child care specialists with any questions regarding our programs or locations.

Click to learn more about our Gainesville After School Program at Bouncers Indoor Playground.

After School Programs Near Me – Best Gainesville Child Care

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