After School Programs in Gainesville FL
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After School Programs in Gainesville FL

A Child’s Academy consists of some of Gainesville Florida’s top certified preschool professionals and child care service providers. We understand the difficulty that so many  parents face with work schedule conflicts that they have against their child’s weekly activities. It’s unrealistic to consider options like leaving work early on a consistent basis to pick up your child once the school day has ended, yet you want and need to ensure their safety and well-being. With this dilemma at hand many parents seek out local child care service providers who can help remedy the situation. The truth of the matter is not all after school or child care programs are created equally. ACA’s dedication is to the children we care for and the families we serve. We continuously strive for the highest standards of child care provision and do everything in our power to help grow and continue to drive our center toward the best facility it can be. When considering after school  programs in Gainesville FL it’s imperative that you weigh all the characteristics of the company. A child’s academy operates with compassion, integrity, and honestly. We work to sustain a positive environment throughout our locale while helping to instill values in the children we care for such as empathy, confidence, and a desire to learn.

Benefits of ACA’s After School Programs in Gainesville FL

There are extensive benefits to enrolling your child in a quality child-care program for both them and you as the parent. At ACA’s after school program children will have a chance to interact with children their own age in a more social-focused setting than at school. Our after school counselors make it a point to plan diversified activities and place them throughout the week’s structured schedule. These activities are designed to help keep your child engaged, active, entertained, and curious. Our counselors help get our after-schoolers involved in sports, arts/crafts, outdoor play, reading, and much more. We are one of the few after school programs in Gainesville FL that will pick up your child from school and bring them to our facility – and you can bet they’ll be excited about it! Don’t settle for a second rate child provider, ACA is recognized among the best in the Industry because of our extensive commitment to providing our families with quality services and peace of mind. When you enroll at ACA’s after school program you can expect the following:

  • Staff will be there to meet your child as soon as school is over.
  • Children will be given a nutritional snack and will be provided with homework help.
  • A tactful combination of fun/learning to encourage healthy childhood development.
  • Extra tutoring options for whoever may need it.
  • A safe, nurturing environment that encourages growth and creativity.
  • Activities with variating topics (science experiments, music lessons, art projects)

A Child’s Academy is the premium provider of after school programs in Gainesville FL. If you are looking for a professional, affordable solution for child care services in the city of Gainesville don’t hesitate to reach out to our wonderful staff and we can get you set up with a tour of our facility. Call us at 352-371-3360.

Click to learn more about our Gainesville After School Program at Bouncers Indoor Playground.

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