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Preschool Learning – Your Child & Technology

While it used to be commonplace to see a child reading a book, you are far more likely to come upon a child using a laptop, tablet or cell phone these days. It’s no secret that technology has slowly infiltrated the way people of all ages spend their time. However, the average child is spending up to eight hours on electronic devices every single day, and that is a tad excessive. This is especially true because the more time a child spends using technology, the less capable they will be to have successful interactions with others. A Child’s Academy has high standards for preschool learning and offers parents avast amount of resources and information regarding early childhood development and education.

Preschool Learning – Technology & Development


There are more side effects than just the inability to hold a conversation. Children who are allowed to overuse technology also have a much harder time focusing when they are trying to learn in a classroom setting. Too much digital interaction can also lead to an inability to sleep, obesity and the habit of excluding themselves from gatherings like your nightly family dinner.

At a Child’s Academy, we want the children in our care to understand that while technology is interesting, valuable, and can be used as a great learning tool – it can also be a major distraction to other great developmental resources. Exposure to technology is a great thing for children but should be limited to a maximum of a couple hours a day (and should also be spread out rather than continuous). There are so many great math, reading, and learning mobile apps these days that their value is hard to deny, but as parents and educators, we can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that today’s technology is indeed a double-edged sword for early childhood development. Our aim should be not to fear the resources that technology offers, but to rather learn to utilize this tool in the best manner possible. Expose your children to technology – but do so with the aim of better preparing them for what tomorrow may hold. Inform yourself on what media is being relayed through your child’s technology and learn to use these gadgets for the best. Our preschool learning programs help children learn, play, and explore – this draws them away from the screen habitually encouraging well-rounded development.

Gainesville Preschool Learning – Turning Away From Digital

It is your job as the parent to monitor how much your child is using electronics in the home. Try to encourage them to balance their “screen time” with other activities like playing outside, drawing or playing an instrument. Our preschool learning curriculum helps children stay engaged by offering fresh activities and introducing brand new topics regularly. Arts and Crafts are a great way for children to improve motor skills while also discovering a creative outlet. There are numerous ways to entertain your child in healthy ways away from their go-to tablet, video game or computer.

At A Child’s Academy in Gainesville, we use many different tactics when teaching our children through our preschool learning tactics. While they will have access to technology from time to time, this type of learning is not used more than any other kind we use as well. Check out more about how we teach children of different ages when you explore our different programs! Click the button below to begin the enrollment process. Contact us with any questions regarding our programs or curriculum.

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