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Having a preschool like A Child’s Academy, that goes above and beyond to ensure that your child is learning, is imperative. However, despite everything we do while your kid is in the classroom, your little one could not be retaining the information put in front of them because of things happening outside of their school. One of the main reasons children struggle in school is because they are not getting enough sleep while they are at home. This can contribute to multiple side effects like memory challenges, moodiness, and behavioral problems. The truth of the matter is your child needs rest to learn. Getting enough sleep isn’t just recommended for children – it is absolutely vital for development, growth, and proper social development. When you are looking for the best child care Gainesville Florida services there is no better option than A Child’s Academy. Our team is unwaveringly dedicated to continuous learning, training, and improvement. We want the best for the children we care for which is why we are committed to continuously learning the best and most recent practices in child care and developmental assistance and work to relay this information back to families participating in our program.

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Considering the age your preschooler is right now, he or she should be getting somewhere between 11 and 12 hours of sleep each night (sounds magical, right?). If your child is a fan of napping, you can add their nap time to the 12 hour total.

Child Care Gainesville – A Bedtime Routine

In order to do this, try to make bedtime a nice and relaxing routine in your home. Don’t rush to put your child to bed because they can pick up on your anxiety which will make it harder for them to shut their eyes and go to sleep once they are in bed. Try making a habit of reading a book or telling stories before bed, then tuck your kiddo in.

Once this series of events becomes a habit, your child will begin falling asleep much faster and sleep longer through the night. Give your little one the ability to succeed by allowing them to get a full night’s sleep before they get up to go to school in the morning!


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