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5 Reasons to Enroll in a Preschool Gainesville Program

There is a multitude of reasons for your child to attend a quality preschool program. Preschool Gainesville services are some of the best in Florida. A Child’s Academy takes pride in our reputation as one the regions premier childcare locations. Our team is dedicated to helping the children we care for feel nurtured, loved, and supported as they build crucial cognitive and social skills for the future. If you are a parent looking into what schools might be the best fit for your child you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the many choices in terms of providers, curriculums, specialty programs, and other variables, but we’re here to help! In the grand scheme of things, we understand that our children will need a helping hand in learning all the necessary components for a successful future as contributing members of society. A child’s academy makes it our mission to create a highly positive and motivating environment for children to explore and learn comfortably.

Top Five Reasons to Enroll in a Preschool Gainesville Program

  1. Preschool Gainesville Programs are a Source of Growth:

    Although some people might see preschool as unnecessary or less important than the other milestone it precedes, elementary school, preschool is one of the best opportunities for your child to grow and learn a lot of tasks and information in a short amount of time. From our own experience we can note that for a large percentage of the children we care for, preschool is the first time they’ve been introduced to a truly structured setting. For these children, it’s the first time they’ll experience interacting with teachers and other children. Our preschool Gainesville programs allow children to grow in a safe, educational and nurturing environment.

  2. Preschool Gainesville Programs Prepare Children for Kindergarten:

    In recent years there’s been much revision within kindergarten programs in terms of how academically involved they are. While we see this as a very positive step it undoubtedly brings some parents trepidation as to how they can help put their child on the best path to success. For this reason, many parents to preschool providers to help propel their child forward in an expert manner. On the other hand, there is legitimate concern that today’s current trend to focus on pre-literacy and -math skills so early slashes crucial play time directs the child to “grow-up” too fast. Our preschool Gainesville programs give children a healthy balance of play and learning time in order to ensure their developmental period is as natural and nurturing as possible. Early childhood is a crucial time to offer children information because of the ease they have in absorbing and retaining it. However, outside time, free play, and social interactions are just as important for optimal cognitive and emotional development.

  3. In Preschool Gainesville Programs Children Learn to Choose:

     When you select a quality preschool Gainesville program like the once held at A Child’s Academy your child will be placed in a scenario in which they’ll learn to make choices for themselves (within reason of course). Children are given a wide range of activities to select from at ACA, and children who seem to be wandering without self-direction are encouraged to choose who that draws their attention. If the child remains hesitant teachers offer suggestions and will guide them into something engaging.

  4. Preschool Gainesville Programs Teach Children Language Faster:

     When children are placed in a “language-rich environment” like in on of ACA’s preschool Gainesville programs their language skills are nurtured into development. From the ages of three to five a child’s vocabulary expands, on average, more than 277% from a mere 900 words to an impressive 2,500 word-count. During this time a child’s sentence structure also become longer and more complex. In ACA preschool Gainesville classes teachers help children expand their language skills by engaging the children conversationally paired with asking open-ended questions that allow them to use all these newly learned words.

  5. Motor Skills Development Through Preschool Gainesville Programs:

    When children are allowed to explore their environment regularly their physical coordination begins to improve. If you have a young child then you’ve probably noted they are naturally in motion for a good part of the day. Our top-rated preschool Gainesville programs give the children under our care various daily activities for them to run around, climb up objects, and play active games with other children while being supervised by preschool staff. This active time paired with projects that call for using scissors or threading a bead will help build both gross and fine motor skills through natural, healthy challenges.

Preschool Gainesville

We’ve been mentioned in numerous digital publications for our excellence in child care service standards and quality preschool curriculum. —-> CLICK HERE <—- to check out what our friends over at Fun4Gator had to say about our Preschool Gainesville services. If you have any question s regarding our preschool Gainesville programs or curriculum don’t hesitate to reach out and one of our team members will help clarify your queries.

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