Best Preschool Choice Gainesville FL

Best Preschool Choice Gainesville FL

"The only thing that cures a broken heart is a great teacher & school."


Many people would argue that the best preschool choice is subjective - we'd argue it's proven. A Child's Academy has been serving the childcare industry for over 40 years. Our top-rated Gainesville preschool has a quality curriculum, focus on early childhood development, and helps children build social skills. Our team is dedicated to the children we care for and does everything we possibly can to ensure the best possible experience for the child. ACA is the best preschool choice in Gainesville FL because of commitment to helping the children we care for learn, explore, and develop. 


Don and Karen Bailey (Jarrett, 4 & Mackenzy, almost 3) Gainesville, FL

“We ended up moving our children from a daycare that closed and that they and their older brother had attended from about 7 months old. They have been there for a little over a year now and we could not stop boasting about how wonderful they are doing! They are thriving, unbelievably well. We have been able to see a marked difference between the two schools and the teachers that they employ. My children love Miss Anna and Miss Liz. They take such good care of them and are very helpful and loving when it comes to dropping them off in the morning and the separation anxiety (sometimes) kicks in. Thank you so much ACA!!!”

Best Preschool Choice Gainesville FL

A Child's Academy - 3401 NW 34th Street Gainesville FL, 32605

A Child's Academy 2 - 5240 NW 8th Avenue Gainesville FL, 32605



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