A Child’s Academy Reviews

A Child's Academy Reviews & Testimonials

"The only thing that cures a broken heart is a great teacher & school."


ACA is Gainesville's number one provider of preschool, VPK, and after-school childcare services. Our team is deeply committed to the families we work with and continuously ensure the best early childhood development practices are in play. We have high standards of operation and a compassionate staff which have helped propel us to be recognized as Gainesville's go-to provider of professional childcare. See the video above for recorded parent testimonials or ---> click here <--- for more A Child's Academy reviews. 

 “Our daughter hasn’t attended A Child’s Academy very long but already we’ve seen major difference in her excitement to learn. What we really love about ACA may seem like a very small matter but it’s really important to us, is the nutritional meals provided. Our daughter REFUSED to eat any vegetables before attending ACA. I tried different seasonings and dips to make it fun, but she still wouldn’t eat them. After hearing about the awesome cook, Ms. Roberta, and how she works magic in the kitchen, we decided to give it another try and present her with green beans. When I placed the plate in front of her, her eyes lit up “Mmmm mommy! Ms. Roberta makes these”! She ate all of her green beans and asked for more. Now she is having her proper serving of vegetables with every meal. Thank you ACA and a special thank you to Ms. Roberta.”

A Child's Academy Reviews

Nate & Talea Ford, Gainesville, FL


A Child's Academy - 3401 NW 34th Street Gainesville FL, 32605

A Child's Academy 2 - 5240 NW 8th Avenue Gainesville FL, 32605




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