Forget "camp" - - -

Send Your Child To SUPERHERO SCHOOL This Summer!!

To Discover Their Hidden Super Powers and Become Their Own Real-Life SUPERHERO!!

Under the guidance of our Super-Expert, Super-FUN, SuperHero Trainers

Dear Fellow Parent,

You have received the Special Invitation on this page because our “Future SuperHero Detector” has informed us that some young person in your household has what it takes to become one of the World’s Mightiest Superheroes! You should be proud that your child has been selected for this great honor.

A Child’s Academy’s Secret School for SuperHeroes is now early-enrolling for our Summer Session June 10th – August 16th, 2013 from 9am to 4pm M-F for Ages 5-10.

If you are unfamiliar with our Secret School for SuperHeroes (which you should, because it is SECRET!) here is just some of the training and schooling your future superhero will receive:


  • Discovering His/Her Super-Powers
  • Choosing a SuperHero Name
  • Designing and creating a SuperHero Costume and Logo
  • Building your secret SuperHero base
  • Learning your SuperHero Origin Story
  • SuperHero Fitness Testing and Evaluation
  • How to save the World without Destroying it
  • The SuperHero Oath and Proper Use of Powers
  • How to Spot a Super Villian
  • Ways to get a villain to tell you his Master Plan..then defeat him!
  • When a villain is too strong, how to get help from other superheroes

And that is just on Day 1 !!!

Here is what some of our former SuperHero students have to say:

“I went from ZERO to HERO at A Child’s Academy’s School for SuperHeroes!!”
Captain Confidence, SuperHero Academy
“My Powers were Out Of Control Until I Learned to Channel My Energy at Superhero School, and had the time of my life!!”
Kid Dynamo, X-Men Academy

At ACA’s Secret School for Superheroes your budding superhero will learn all the ins and outs of becoming a Force for Good in the world. After superhero etiquette is laid out he/she will spend the majority of their time traing while doing tons of awesome Superhero Activities.

So What is Included in Superhero Training Camp?

  • FREE Before & After Care for the Busy Parent (No Scheduling Headaches)
  • Priceless Memories of Summer Camp are Documented and Given to Every Child at the end of Summer in a Unique Comic Book keepsake
  • SuperHero T-Shirt – Every Kid gets to show off their SuperHero Prowess!!
  • Costume Building – Kids get to wear and be proud of their SuperHero creation
  • SuperHero Training – Kids Learn and are Active with a Unique SuperHero TWIST!
  • Weekly Field Trips to keep Summer Activities new, interesting, educational and most of all FUN!!
  • SPLASH PARK!! – Only school in Gainesville with a Water Park ON SITE!! Its like a seperate Field Trip in itself
  • Tutoring  – We will have a dedicated on site Tutor to help avoid Summer Learning Loss
  • SuperHero Arts & Crafts – Allows kids to have creative fun while keeping the mess away from home
  • SuperHero Science – Convert Children’s curiosity into Scientific Discovey, Exploration, and Hands on Learning
  • Super Power Practice – Kids will use their Super Powers that they create
  • SuperHero end of year party!!

Applications are already coming in from all over town from eager kids hoping to be selected for our Secret School for Superheroes Summer Session, so register now before it’s too late.

Act NOW!

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