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Six Interpersonal Skills for Preschool Success – Florida Preschool Age Tips

Many parents place a huge emphasis on what technical skills their child should have when they enter preschool. However, many people don’t understand that having the correct interpersonal skills engrained in your child is actually far more important when they are about to begin their education. After all, we’re teachers, we know how to teach your child addition and subtraction, spelling and writing, but much of the time, we struggle to get the children in our classrooms to overcome a lack of interpersonal skills. This is why we encourage parents to begin working on a specific set of these skills before their kiddo is ever ready to be enrolled at A Child’s Academy. Below you can uncover the seven most important interpersonal skills your child needs to have to really flourish once they begin their preschool journey. ACA is a top-rated preschool in Gainesville that offers Florida preschool age childcare tips; the following are six interpersonal skills you should be helping your child build for preschool success.

Florida Preschool Age  Development – Six Tips for Preschool Success

  1. Verbal Communication

    Waiting for your child to develop this interpersonal skill is often something many parents place a lot of emphasis on. After all, hearing a baby’s first words is a truly magical experience that becomes even more amazing when you are able to have actual conversations with your kiddo. Making sure your child is about to form sentences, as well as paragraphs, is probably the most important of these skills that need to be developed. You can do this by speaking to your little one often during your daily life.

  2. Nonverbal Communication

    From the time they are born, children begin to figure out how to communicate in a nonverbal way. Whether it is through a facial expression, hand gestures or something else, these are actions that can be observed and interpreted fairly easily, even by children. Being able to not only communicate in this way but to also interpret when others are communicating in a nonverbal way is extremely important.

  3. Listening

    We all know that children love to talk. If given the opportunity, they will go on and on for hours about nearly anything and everything. While being able to speak is important, being able to listen is just as vital. Be sure to teach your child what it means to pay attention when people are speaking and also how to not interrupt others.

  4. Negotiation

    Some kids have a slick tongue from the time they begin to talk. They are natural-born negotiators. While this is a great trait to be born with, it’s also important that children realize the point negotiation. For instance, if your child is playing with a toy that another child also wants to play with, does your kid know how to negotiate by agreeing to give the toy to the other child after they have played with it for a certain amount of time? Or conversely, will your child simply ignore the request of the other child and continue to play with the toy as long as they like?

  5. Problem Solving

    While children aren’t given much of an opportunity to practice their problem-solving skills, as their parents you can find ways to help them practice. Even if it is as simple as asking your child to answer hypothetical questions, this can be extremely helpful when it comes to them figuring out problems in the future.

  6. Decision Making

    Many of us, even as adults, are pretty terrible at making decisions. However, think about how much easier your life would be if you knew how to make decisions at the drop of a hat. Giving your child the opportunity to make decisions on a daily basis will lend itself to your child being able to make decisions in the future. Even if you are only offering them tiny choices like what they want to eat for lunch or where they want to go on a Sunday afternoon, these small decisions will lead to bigger ones later on.

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