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3 Tips for Parents with Kids Entering Preschool – Childcare Gainesville FL

The first day of school is many things for preschoolers and parents alike. On one hand, starting school is exciting, and yet, on the other hand, it can be a bit scary and intimidating. After all, your child has never been in a learning environment before, and you have likely never been away from your kiddo for such extended periods of time as you will be soon. In order to put yourself and your child at ease before the first day of preschool starts, you may want to follow some of the tips below. A Child’s Academy is a professional preschool, VPK, and childcare Gainesville FL service provider; our team helps ensure your child is getting excited about learning and the preschool experience. We offer a vast amount of early development and child care tips through our website’s blog as a free resource to our parents. These can help prepare your child a bit more for entering a learning environment and make you feel a tad more comfortable about them growing up.

  1. Visit Reading Circles at the Local Library

    Your child is undoubtedly used to a specific person or people reading him or her stories and books. In order to prepare them for listening to books being read aloud at school, start taking your kiddo to the local library for a reading circle in which one member of the library staff will read a children’s book to a group of children, much like what will happen in your kid’s preschool class. This will help your child become familiar with the activity and know what to expect when they encounter the same situation in their new childcare Gainesville FL center.

    Childcare Gainesville FL

  2. Arrange Play Dates with Other Children

    One of the hardest things for children who are entering preschool is having to share their space, toys, and attention with other children. One of the best ways you can acclimate your child to the preschool setting is to arrange play dates with other children. If possible, try to make the play dates with children who will also be entering a new childcare Gainesville FL preschool.

  3. Go School Supply Shopping

    Nothing gets children more excited about school then buying new school supplies. Take a couple hours out of your day to take your child shopping for a backpack, paper, crayons and anything else they need before their first day of preschool. Getting these supplies with your child will get them excited about using them in their new childcare Gainesville FL preschool center making the upcoming transition preemptively smoother.

Contact us today with any questions regarding our preschool programs, curriculum, or locations and we’ll be glad to clarify your query. We look forward to working with your child and family.

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