Toddler Programs

Once your child becomes more mobile, we stimulate development in a variety of ways:

  • Physical Engagement. Very young children develop at a fast pace at this stage, so they require gross motor activities to help build and fine-tune their Gainesville FL Best Daycare and Preschool for 30 yearsmovement skills. We offer several developmental activities for our toddlers, which is fun for both the child and the caregiver.
  • Intellectual Stimulation. Through verbal exchanges, playing music, making various noises, we encourage your one-year-old to explore objects for size, shape, color, texture, movement, position, and sound. Our goal is to facilitate bottle holding, fingering foods, picking up small objects, and learning to creep, crawl, and walk.
  • Social Development. By interacting with familiar people and each other, toddlers at A Child’s Academy receive reassurance and nurturing at all times. Our caregivers offer a gentle touch and a calm voice while encouraging friendly play.

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Why our Parents Love ACA:

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“A Child's Academy is where our child recieves the same love and attention we continually give to her each day. The Christian concept of love is evident through the staff by the unity and acceptance of all cultures displayed in their learning rooms. My child will learn all the schooling basics for pre-k as well as education about kids who may look different than her. She freely learns, sings, eats, sleeps and plays, in a secure environment that is reinforced by professional caring individuals. As a first time Mom when we entered our child in day care, I had a great deal of anxiety. At ACA I was understood with compassion and invited to watch her class through the office cam. Once I saw she was in nurturing hands, I was able to let go of my anxiety.. Our daughters favorite thing is playing in the huge castle playground that unlocks her imagination and creative play with her peers. She enjoys reiterating all the new things that she says her "teacher" has taught her.”

Maisha & Joseph Larkin, Gainesville, FL