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Prior to my kids attending A Child's Academy, we had attended two other local preschools. ACA is a dream come true. You owe it to your family to tour ACA before making a decision.

Debra Hope, Parent

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What Parents Are Saying:

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    Sara & James Mock

    Gainesville, FL

    Our daughter, Katie, has been at A Child’s Academy since she was three months old. We originally planned to have her there for one year until she was old enough to transition to the school that her older brother attended. However, it was such a great environment and Katie was so happy there that we never left! She has now been at ACA for almost four years. Katie has adored her teachers; they have been so attentive and have really helped Katie to learn and grow.

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    Karen Bailey

    Gainesville, FL

    We ended up moving our children from another daycare  that their older brother had attended from about 7 months old. They have been there for a little over a year now and we could not stop boasting about how wonderful they are doing! They are thriving, unbelievably well. We have been able to see a marked difference between the two schools and the teachers that they employ.  Thank you so much ACA!!!

  • Wendy Davis

    Gainesville, FL

    What I like best about the child care experience at A Child’s Academy is that teachers are dedicated and consistent with the pre-school curriculum. I am confident my daughter, Anna is prepared for Kindergarten. Also, I am appreciative the students are learning to sing the Star-Spangled Banner and America, the Beautiful. I believe my child, Anna is learning the value of our rich American culture that will remain as she matures and continues her education. School Readiness (Kindergarten) is the greatest benefit Anna is receiving by being enrolled at A Child’s Academy(ACA). I am confident that Anna will be prepared for Kindergarten. I would certainly recommend ACA to new parents. The teachers are competent and experienced. I believe by enrolling my child in the ACA pre-school program my child will have a better future.

So What’s Our School Like?

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5 Reasons To Choose A Child's Academy

  1. The greatest asset of any child-centered group is its people, and we are proud of our exceptional team! We have taken special care to screen applicants, ensuring that they meet our high standards for teaching and caring for young children. In addition to being warm and compassionate, our staff is certified in both CPR and first aid. While the state requires only one staff person with such training, we thing the health and safety of your child demands that everyone here knows first aid and CPR.
  2. Our curriculum is focused on maximizing your child’s academic potential. While other preschools introduce the alphabet, our young graduates are reading! Our Kindergarten Readiness Testing Rate is the highest in Alachua County at 97%!
  3. There is no substitute for experience, and A Child’s Academy has invested over three decades in fine-tuning the formula for success as a preschool and childcare center. We’re here to stay, with programs that are time-tested.
  4. With more than 11 acres and two spacious school buildings we provide ample room for learning and play. We have the space to separate children by age, ensuring age-appropriate activities and toys. We also feature a 250-seat auditorium for special events, performances, and other gatherings.
  5. We promote strong moral values, supporting your desire to establish a foundation on which to build a lifelong love for your Christian church and its teachings.

About Our School

For the past 35 years, A Child's Academy has grown into one of the most desirable child care centers in the Gainesville area. We maintain perfect health records, a christian environment, unrivaled academics and our graduates demonstrate more advanced knowledge and skills in kindergarten than their peers that attend other centers.

In fact, we are so confident about our school and the service we provide to families that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or our Preschool is FREE (If for any reason in the first 30 days you are unhappy with us we will refund 100% of your tuition!) 

No other child care center in Gainesville is willing to make this same guarantee. Makes you wonder why?

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