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4 Biggest Fears Moms Have About the First Day of Preschool

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Usually around the time your child turns 2 years old you start to realize that the child may need more than just you in life (lol, unbelievable right?) For some of you this means you will start to research a first: Your “baby’s” first day in preschool. Get out your hankies, sniff! This is a big transition.

I had a lot of worries when I first sent my son to preschool. I think a lot of parents do. One thing that helped me was to write up a list of my concerns and just think each one through. So I’ve listed here some of the most common fears parents have for that first day of school. See if you can relate to any of these.

1. Your child is going to bawl when you leave. What if your child screams and clings to you like a barnacle and they have to pry him/her off of you with the Jaws of Life? What if he/she cries the ENTIRE time you’re gone?

The crying and clinging do happen sometimes. But it gets better. Most kids snap out of it once they realize you’re really gone (so don’t drag out that goodbye process!). It’s very rare for a child to cry all day, every day. If that really does happen, you may need to take a critical look and see if maybe the school isn’t a good fit. But chances of that happening are really, really slim.

2. They’re going to lose your child or let her get hurt. Some preschools have their own enclosed playground, but my son’s preschool went to the public playground right across the street. Sometimes I worried they would forget him there. I’m ridiculous, I know. And what if your child is seriously injured because the staff isn’t paying attention?

Relax, losing kids and allowing them to get seriously hurt is extremely rare. Your kid will get little boo-boos. You should expect the occasional scraped knee or Band-Aid. But if you’re worried about bigger issues, it’s a good idea to talk over your school’s safety protocols just to assure yourself.

3. Your child will hate it there. For whatever reason — what if your child hates their school? What if she cries every morning because she doesn’t want to go?

This happens. But more common is that kids complain in the morning because they want to keep doing what they’re doing RIGHT NOW (watching cartoons?) and just hate transitions. Once they’re at preschool, they’re fine. Maybe what’s going on at home is just a little too fun and engaging (those cartoons) and morning time needs to be a little more focused.

4. Your kid will forget all about you and not want to leave preschool. Ha! I’ve seen this, too. The transition goes so well you hardly get a “goodbye” at drop off. Aww, poor mom!

This is a sign that preschool is really clicking for your child. Hooray! Someone is going to have an amazing year. Scratch that — you both are.

What are your fears for your child’s first time in preschool?

ACA Scholarship Announcement

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ACA is excited to announce a child care subsidy program that was created to help offset the high cost of child care for Gainesville residents that qualify.

A family can apply to the ACA Scholarship Fund at this link here.

This scholarship is funded through an outreach program to various local non profits with matching dollars provided by A Child’s Academy.

Anyone interested in contributing to this fund can contact Kellie Parker here -> scholarship (AT) Please only contact Kellie, if you are interested in donating to the endowment fund. Scholarship decisions are made by a committee and Kellie does not have influence on that committee.

The award cycle runs for 6 months, at that time renewal basis will be considered from several factors including payment history.

The award will pay only someone registered at A Childs Academy or A Childs Academy 2.

If A Child’s Academy sounds like the environment that would be a fit for your family, please click here to select a time with our online calendar to come meet us to see if we can become a part of your family!


Preschool Christmas Show 2015

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Everyone had a blast putting this on. Enjoy the photos and video!!



































Summer Camp Face Painting

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Facepainting and FUN? Oh My!! Who doesn’t like getting their face painted??

2015-07-16 10.30.30

2015-07-16 10.30.37

2015-07-16 10.33.31

2015-07-16 10.33.42

2015-07-16 10.35.35

2015-07-16 10.44.31

2015-07-16 09.32.35

2015-07-16 09.34.59

2015-07-16 09.39.32

2015-07-16 09.42.19

2015-07-16 09.46.45

2015-07-16 09.48.14

2015-07-16 09.51.34

2015-07-16 09.58.27

2015-07-16 09.58.29

2015-07-16 09.58.34

2015-07-16 09.58.36

2015-07-16 09.59.42

2015-07-16 10.18.43

2015-07-16 10.20.49

2015-07-16 10.23.35

2015-07-16 10.29.28

2015-07-16 10.29.40

2015-07-16 10.29.51

2015-07-16 10.29.57

15 Fun Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Wondering what to do with all that hard earned candy? Here are 15 tips…

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Halloween Festival | A Childs Academy | Gainesville FL Preschool

Once you have a couple of Halloweens under your belt, you start to know the deal. Like which of your neighbors give out over sized chocolate bars and which ones greet you with toothbrushes. But you also start to realize something else: That even though it’s fun to own a mountain of candy, it’s probably not the best idea to eat it all. So this year, after sorting through your favorites, why not find something else to do with the rest? We’ve got 15 awesome ideas — from selfless to the silly. Give them a try and your teeth (and your dentist!) will thank you. Participate in a candy exchange. Some dentists and orthodontists (dentists who specialize in braces) offer candy exchanges. You turn in some candy and get healthy treats in exchange. Or you turn in some candy, and they pay you $1 per pound. They donate the candy to soup kitchens or to troops overseas.

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if some of your candy went halfway around the world? Your Halloween candy could be included in care packages that are sent to soldiers serving their country far from home. Here are two organizations that ship packages to the troops. Heat-resistant candy only. Chocolate melts, you know! And don’t forget to include a handwritten letter of support to really put a smile on a soldier’s face!
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    Operation Gratitude Operation Shoebox

  2. Try reverse trick-or-treating! With a parent, make a trip to one or more local charities that accept candy donations. You’ll feel great, and you’ll sweeten someone else’s day too. Some ideas include your local Ronald McDonald House, nursing homes, food pantries, children’s hospitals, veterans’ homes, or women’s shelters.
  3. Ask your parents if you can exchange your candy for something else — like a book or a toy. Make it fun by using a scale to weigh your stash — for example, maybe you could earn a book for every pound of candy you trade in.
  4. Reduce by recycling. If you have a birthday or other party coming up, offer to use your candy to fill up goodie bags.
  5. Buy fun chocolate molds at a craft store, melt down your extra chocolate bars, pour into the molds, let cool, and voilà — decorative, delicious gifts!
  6. Make a special Halloween version of trail mix by tossing in a handful of candy pieces with your pretzels, nuts, raisins, and dried fruits.
  7. Glue candy pieces to an unfinished wooden picture frame (you can buy them at the craft store). Add a photo, and you’ve got a really sweet present for someone special.
  8. Did you know you can make jewelry and crafts out of candy wrappers? You can search for how-to instructions on the Internet.
  9. Use the candy to fill a piñata for someone who has a fall or winter birthday.
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  11. Give “candy math” a whirl! Use candy corns to practice addition, subtraction, or counting by fives and tens. Hershey bars or KitKats are both great for visualizing fractions. Or, you can sort your candy (chocolate, gum, lollipops, fruit snacks, etc.) and figure out what percentage each group contributed to your total amount.
  12. Donate your candy to…science? Yep, you can do lots of great candy experiments at home using Skittles, Lifesavers, Starbursts, M&Ms, and more. Plus, you just might want to see what happens when you leave a gummy bear in water…
  13. Create a board game using candy as pieces. Or you can use candy in a sweet game of checkers or — dare we say it? — Candyland.
  14. Build a candy city. With some glue (ask a parent cheap cialis for help if using a hot glue gun), some toothpicks, and a whole lot of imagination, you can design and construct a scene that even your Legos will envy. And it’s never too early to start viagra planning this year’s holiday gingerbread house.
  15. Send it to work with your mom or dad. That’ll really make it disappear fast!
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buy generic cialis Halloween Festival | A Childs Academy | Gainesville FL Preschool

Keep All Batteries away from Kids

Batteries are very dangerous for kids. Sometimes it is the little things that parents can forget among the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

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Keep small batteries out of children’s reach. Children younger than four are most likely to swallow batteries, and the most common types ingested are button cells. The battery often gets stuck in the esophagus (the tube that passes food) and the electrical current burns the surrounding tissue. Doctors often misdiagnose the symptoms, which can show as fever, vomiting, poor appetite and weariness. See the article:

Toddler preschool Gainesville FL learning activities

Toddler preschool learning activities by Gainesville Preschool
Toddler preschool learning activities, a photo by

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Gainesville Preschool on Flickr.

Having Fun and Learning Too!!

ACA Summer Camp 2013 Gainesville FL

We are having a splish

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splashing good time at the ACA Splash Park!! Woot woot







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